Mozambique offers extensive investment opportunities across the Oil, Gas, Mining, Energy, Agriculture, Logistics and Tourism Sector. Mozvest is dedicated to unlocking Mozambique’s rich natural resources and human capital.

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Investment Opportunities

The primary focus of MOZVEST conferences is on upcoming and lucrative Oil and Gas projects in Mozambique and the examination of synergies between Mozambique as an economic frontier and South Africa as a mature economic force triggering further growth across Mozambique and South Africa respectively.

Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industry has been a catalyst for growth and infrastructure development across the African continent with countries such as Nigeria. The PWC Review of Africa’s oil & gas sector shows that the oil & gas industry in Africa continues…


Mozambique has the third-largest amount of proven natural gas reserves in Africa, and the sector presents tremendous export opportunities within the Energy Sector. The Conference will address these investment opportunities.


There is immense agricultural potential in Mozambique’s Zambezi Valley, diverse soil types and climatic conditions are suitable for a large variety of crops and The Zambezi River represent 50% of the national water supply.


The diversity and vastness of unexploited mineral resources that Mozambique is endowed with allow for major investment opportunities for the exploration, extraction, processing…


Mozambique’s energy boom is complemented by a rapid infrastructure build. Logistics is therefore a viable and necessary investment opportunity. The Conference will focus on current and upcoming opportunities.


With breathtaking beaches, ideal tropical climate, world class scuba diving and diversified wildlife, Mozambique provides opportunity for hotels, lodges, and resorts to attract a growing tourism industry.

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Mozambique Opportunities within the Oil & Gas and Key Associated Sectores

The second Mozambique Opportunities within the Oil & Gas and other key sectors Conference will be taking place in Cape Town on the 13th of March 2019.

The Mozambique Opportunities Conference will highlight investment opportunities in Mozambique within the Oil, Gas and selected key sectors. Leading industry experts will share their insights into topics ranging from strategy, skills shortage, operating efficiency, investment and technical know-how.

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Mozambique Investment Opportunities Event 13th March 2019

Mozambique Opportunities within the Oil & Gas and Other Key Sectors Event will be the second MOZVEST Conference, taking place in Cape Town on the 13th of March 2019.