Rui Monteiro

Mozvest Conference Speaker

Rui Monteiro is the Managing Partner of Turconsult, a Mozambican Tourism Consultancy firm focused on Financial Advisory Services, being also the representative of Rani Investment LLC in Mozambique as well as a partner and Board member in Rani Group Companies and some other reputable firms within the Tourism and Conservation Industries such as Luambeze Investments, Chiluilexi Conservation and Investments, partners of FFI International. Rui Monteiro accumulates both the technical expertise and a large knowledge base in the development of Tourism in Mozambique throughout its development in the last 20 years. Rui Monteiro is also involved on a personal basis in several other institutions such as CTA, the Mozambican private sector representation platform, BIOFUND, AHSM the Association of Hotels of Southern Mozambique, AMOS the Association of Mozambican Safari Operators and is a permanent representative on the National Commission for Labor, the National Statistics Committee and the National Marketing Committee.